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Design intern

We're looking for a design intern to help in all areas of designing a digital product.


About POP

Since 2016 we’ve been working on making the artist to fan relationship more direct. As newsfeeds are getting more and more crowded it’s harder for anyone to reach their audience. Algorithms filter 98% of updates and engagement is at an all time low.

But via chat apps like Messenger it’s possible to reach your audience directly. When you go direct there are no filters, algorithms, or competing content and you can tell interactive stories in a whole new way.

The core of our product is built around short stories we call ‘Flows’. Using our simple chat editor, anyone can write fun and interactive Flows they can send to their audience. With chat being so direct, our clients often see open rates above 90%.

Why this position?

As our product becomes more mature some of the big early design choices have been made. We've entering the phase where we're able to launch more and launch smaller features at a time.

At the same time our marketing efforts are growing and we need (design) help in creating imagery, graphic design for articles, finding better ways to share bits and pieces of our product, and so on.

We're also looking to think ahead to plan for our 'next big thing'. What's going to be evolving POP in the future? How can we continually improve our existing to the new?

What we're looking for

  • Eager to learn by doing.
  • You know how to take and give feedback.
  • A big interest in the ever changing field of design and technology.
  • You can help POP look good wherever we appear.
  • Work in a small team on a release you can be responsible for.
  • Have at least 5 months to spend with us (the more the better).
  • An online portfolio showcasing your work.

What we offer

As a design intern you'll be under guidance by me (Luc van Loon) to help you out in any way possible.

Other than that, we offer a creative office space in De Pijp, Amsterdam with office lunches. Along with the opportunity to work in a young company as we're in the midst of growing our team, product and clients, you'll also receive compensation for your internship.

Creative space

In De Pijp, Amsterdam

Office lunch

And fruits and drinks



Be part of a young company

We only just started in 2016

Go for it

We're curious to see your application.